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Issues with Contributing a View

You put them there, as long as you are old enough or have parental supervision if you are 13 or under! Using the “CREATE VIEW” tab at the top of the page, you will be taken step-by-step through the process.

You can do it, but you won’t be able to edit your view later, or receive notifications about your view, or see your views (if you make another later) on a dashboard. And you won’t be eligible for any of the recognition or the lavish prizes we give out with our awards for best views, either!

US1 is 2,400 miles long! Some communities have people who have bought in quickly and started to participate. Other places, we haven’t visited yet. If you are the first to post something in your town, “Dare to be Great!”, spread the word, and thanks for taking the plunge.

Our guideline is within 10 miles of US1’s current or original (1926) route, or any of the routes since 1926. And this is just a guideline, not a “rule”! It includes 1-A, 1-business, 1 coastal, too.

Use your best judgement based on the others you’ve seen & don’t sweat it.  You have the ability to assign multiple category, with one being the Primary Category, and the others Secondary.  Your view will be reviewed by our minions before being placed on the map, so if they see something wrong, we may change the category. We hope that categories will get more and more specific as content is added to the map, and that contributors will help to define them for us. It is hard to anticipate all that might be added!

The CREATE VIEW process should tell you most of the do’s and don’ts. If you still aren’t sure, are having trouble, or would like to add a new file type, go to the Contact Us page and let us know.

Well, thanks for asking! Vernacular (\vər-ˈna-kyə-lər) is sort of like saying “ordinary”, but it is an ordinary that changes over time. It most often refers to language. Slang is vernacular expression, but Route1Views is mostly focused on architectural vernacular; common building types, styles and uses in a period of time. An ordinary (vernacular) house in 2019 is not the same as one from the 17th Century.

Peter Evans, who started the One Road/Many Views thing going is fascinated with a book called “Learning From Las Vegas” summary here, written by some Philadelphia architects, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi in 1972. In the book, they described and celebrated a late 20th Century roadway vernacular. The US, exemplified by Las Vegas, was moving at different speeds in automobiles than they were when they were riding on horseback. It meant that roadway architecture changed radically!

Today, we recognize the Dollar Store sign at 50mph because it is rectangular, yellow with 8” high black lettering, placed 12’ to 15’ above the roadway before you get to the entrance of the parking lot. It informs you about several important things at once. It is classic 2010’s US1 vernacular! The diner is classic roadway vernacular from the 1950’s. Got it?

About Connecting on the site

Sometimes view posts are made anonymously.  In that case, even we cannot contact the person who put it there. Otherwise, if the contributor created an account, their name will be on the View posted, and the View author’s Bio, may contain contact information, such as email and/or phone number.

Go to the Contact Us page and in the body of the message, let us know your cool idea!

About the Map Page

The different colors on the map are associated with the Map Key categories that are the primary categories that a creator of a View chose to best represent their posted View.

Clicking on the Map Key Category icons will add or remove this category from the Map View.  If the dot underneath the category icon is yellow, then it is included in the Map View.  If the dot underneath the category icon is white, then it is not included in the Map View.  The last icon on the list of category icons, which is the Route1Views Logo, is where you can view All categories or No categories.

Website Origin and Background

One Road/Many Views is the brainchild of Peter Evans. He wanted to do a photographic essay of US1 in the late 1970s, after studying Robert Venturi’s book “Learning From Las Vegas” summary here in a history of architecture class. Forty years later, he made the time to begin exploring US1, learning to take better pictures, and interviewing people who live and work on US1. He thought the best use of his research would be to turn it into a website so that people from all over could travel the road virtually, and so others could add on to what he had started

The site endeavors to tell how Route 1 is a dynamic, evolving roadway connecting strangers and neighbors, alike. By exchanging stories, images and art, Route1Views can engage the world to better appreciate the history and to experience the unique culture of the road. We hope those who use our website to travel the road will appreciate that the resources we share, exemplified by US1, are more important than the issues that divide us.

Web design: Kevin Chemidlin, Christopher Gentile, Mary Carol Sullivan, and Kris Szabo, Graphic design & branding: Mary Carol Sullivan. Dozens of others were involved in the process, from picking the name and the logo to asking tough questions to suggesting places and subjects that should get  coverage.

More About US1

Opening Monologue: View Video
Power Trip: View Video
Northern end: Fort Kent, Maine
Southern end: Key West, Florida
Length: about 2,369 miles, depending on who’s counting
Birthday: October 11, 1926 when all 13 states agreed to the route.
Midpoint: Somewhere near Cary, NC watch Peter’s video “Opening Monologue”
Geology & Historic Foundation on the Fall Line: watch Peter’s Video “Power Trip”
Lots more at:

That's all folks, stay curious.

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